Lose Weight & Look Fabulously Glowing

Lose Weight & Look Fabulously Glowing & be the Energetic Life of the Party for all of your Holiday Gatherings!

It's the time of year when we see all our friends and family for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and all of the other wonderful Holidays.  With the DSWLP, you can make your Holiday gatherings extra special by showing off the New Thinner, Smaller More Vibrant You!

Overweight Horror Stories

Free Yourself from Overweight Horror Stories with the DSWLP!

Stop Tricking Yourself into thinking the same diet you've tried over and over is going to work this time and the little weight you lose will stay off.  Treat Yourself to an Amazingly Healthy, Happy and Energetic Slimmer, Thinner, New You!  Free yourself from the #ScariestThingsYouKnowButYouDontKnow that leads to Excess Weight and Obesity which causes Destruction, Disease and Death!

unwanted fat and toxins increases health

You’re Just as Unique as the Program We’ll Design for You

One Size does not Fit All!  Our differences don't mean we can't have the same fitness goals.  The DSWLP weight loss program is designed based on a scientific approach which provides for the best results possible.  Getting rid of unwanted fat and toxins increases health and vitality.  Personalized to your specific body needs creates optimal weight loss results creating an Optimal Happier Healthier You!

Healthy Lifestyle for Men and Women

Healthy Lifestyle for Men and Women Alike

Our Weight Loss Program teaches better health choices for men and women alike. The DSWLP prides itself in putting you first. Creating a plan specific to your body chemistry, current health challenges, and your safety.  Your choice to lose weight  starts with you.  Let us help you create a Healthy Lifestyle through a proven no exercise weight loss program.

Lose weight with proven results

Never Too Late
to Start Now

The medical profession generally believes with age comes many limitations.  We don’t believe this, since you are not 6-feet under, your goal to lose weight is possible even though other programs have failed you.  We pride our weight loss program on scientifically tailoring it to fit your health condition needs. No invasive surgeries, no drugs, and no exercises!  Lose weight with proven results that address your specific weight loss goals safely and effectively for a longer high quality life. Feel years younger with the DSWLP!

Specialized Weight Loss Program

Your Specialized Weight Loss Program can Begin Today with No Exercise

All health research indicates excess weight can negatively affect every organ and system in the body. The DSWLP is a weight loss program proven system that doesn’t require Exercise to Lose Weight and Feel Great.

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Do you Suffer from No Energy or Heavy Breathing During Exertion?

Healthy Living is a simple 6 weeks away.  Weight Loss Increases Energy, Lowers Blood Pressure, and Increases Sexual Desire and Pleasure.  Secondary effects of our weight loss program results in lowering cholesterol, blood sugar, A1c and blood pressure.  Healthy Living is within reach.  Don’t you owe it to yourself to be the best Healthy You possible?

This is Doctor Supervised Weightloss Program (DSWLP)

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DSWLP, a pioneer in its field, is a service committed to understanding most diets do not work and we provide people with a unique opportunity to achieve their fitness goals by offering scientifically researched high quality personalized weight loss plans. Giving high priority to analyzing an individuals needs thru Doctor consultations, our focus is fat and toxin removal, balancing hormones and keeping muscle tissue intact. This is accomplished without Exercise, Surgeries, Drugs, or shakes and packaged meals.

DSWLP’s expert support creates personalized weight loss plans proven to be more effective than one-size-fits-all generic programs. We understand your specific body conditions through blood and urine testing and develop your weight loss plan based on your body’s unique needs, providing continued Doctor Supervision and Support throughout the 6-week weight loss program.  Important Tools are provided to ensure proper meal preparation, fitness recommendations, recipes that make meal plans easy and delicious, daily educational emails, and access to the doctor for any questions or concerns throughout the 6-week weight loss program along with weekly support group sessions.

We understand weight loss programs and diets can be intimidating and challenging. Often after losing weight, you may have regained all or more back on other non-Doctor Supervised programs.  The DSWLP was created to help individuals who have not gotten the results they wanted with other generic weight loss programs.  It was important to have a Doctor fully support you in your desire to lose unwanted weight creating optimal fitness.  We are with you every step of the way.  DSWLP is your trusted Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Solution.

Your Weight Loss Journey Starts Today

Weight Loss Journey

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Get an inside look of how we develop effective weight loss plans and our process in learning more about our patients.  With this knowledge we create a specific Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program to your unique health needs.

Road to Fitness Stories

I have learned so much from Dr. Betts about how the body really works. How the body strives to be healthy. I have to say; pretty much from the start, Not only was I not hungry, but I had more energy and felt so much better. I even had to go off my blood pressure medicine halfway through because I no longer needed it. I feel years younger! This program and Dr. Betts are truly amazing!

J.B - DSWLP Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program (DSWLP) and how does it work?


It is a program that is designed to create an environment within the body that will encourage and support the biochemistry and physiology to remove fat from the fat cell and use the fat as energy effectively reducing the overall weight.  This requires proper foods and supplementation based on the participants lab results, history, and current diagnosed issues.  All supplement formulas are natural dietary supplements that contain a host of nutritional ingredients that are well known to aid in fatty acid transportation, fatty acid metabolism, blood sugar stabilization, increased metabolism, and increased detoxification. When supplements are combined with the DSWLP required food list, which involves specific amounts and blends of low glycemic index anti-inflammatory foods your body will be more efficient at converting stored fat into energy. In general, DSWLP will encourage the body to metabolize fat more efficiently using it as energy when fewer calories are consumed than are burned.

Since the Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program significantly decreases caloric intake, is it safe?


Because the DSWLP is a doctor supervised program it is safe if the participant follows the doctor’s guidelines completely.  The doctor will monitor progress weekly and make any changes needed to keep the participant on course for Optimal Success.

Where are the supplements used in the DSWLP manufactured, and what are the quality control guidelines?


To maintain the highest ingredient and manufacturing standards, all products used are 100% United States acquired and harvested combined ingredients. All manufacturing facilities are in the United States and are registered with the FDA. This means routine inspections by the FDA ensure compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) for your safety.

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